The Garden Tour - L - Leaving the Memorial Grove

2011.10.08.tour19Leaving the east end of the Memorial Grove with the Overlook and original site of the Stone Circle, I am always amazed at how different the woodland appears when heading back.
2011.10.08.tour19aThis is at the intersection where the newer path heads over to the south side.

Between the trees (over the core sample corner) you can see the Stone Circle.

We’ll take the southern path.
2011.10.08.tour19bHere we move along the ‘south path,’ walking directly south. The tree on the right has a ribbon. Many of the trees throughout the gardens have ribbons, most from past Beltane celebrations, some from the XII Annual Garden Blessing celebrated in the spring of 2011 ce.
To the right of the path is a large patch of woodruff.

2011.10.08.tour19cAh, look to the right. Here is a lovely view of the Stone Circle.
This central area of the Memorial Grove, reaching from path to path to the Sumac Garden beyond the west edge of the woodland. This area will come to be known as the Avalon area.

2011.10.08.tour19dBack on our tour, we continue walking toward the south, where the path must turn to the right at Willowstone’s fence.

The sword ferns glow joyfully in the sun!

2011.10.08.tour19eThis photo shows the southern path as we walk parallel to the fence, enjoying one of the few open areas in the Memorial Grove.

2011.10.08.tour19fBut it doesn’t last long. We turn back into the woodland, a hazel showing leaves at the right, a rowan with just its slender trunk at the left.
2011.10.08.tour19gA short distance later we again turn to the south, just past this large Douglas fir. Off to the right, unable to be seen in this photo, is a large rhododendron, taken from layered cuttings from the Blue Peter growing in the Treewalk Garden at the west end of our gardens.


Another turn and we walk parallel to the fence, a huge cedar waiting for us.

On either side of the path are Mahonia (Oregon grape) which thrives in our gardens.

2011.10.08.tour19iThis is our ‘Triple Goddess’ cedar. From this view you can see two of the three trunks which are all conjoined as one at the base.
She is a magnificent cedar and was one of the primary reasons the south path was installed.
2011.10.08.tour19jWe are soon leaving the Memorial Grove. A huge compost area, held in place by recycled wire fencing, is at your right.

The only true way to experience Hermit's Grove is to walk the paths and the separate gardens. Click on any photo in these pages to see it full size!

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