The Garden Tour - K - East of the Stone Circle

2011.10.08.tour17Leaving the Stone Circle, we continue on the main path toward the east.

Just beyond the tree which leans to the north is the intersection with the path which enters the Memorial Grove along the south side.

2011.10.08.tour17aJust east of the intersection, we walk through the woodland.

Off to the right is the memorial bench for Rev. Paul and Rev. Gerry.

2011.10.08.tour17bAnd then we come to a T in the path where  we will be turning left.

2011.10.08.tour17cThe round fencing is to protect a small tree, one we wish to have a long life. For the many years when deer had access, this tree was an ever-nibbled source of pleasure for the deer.
Over the path is a Western Hemlock. This tree sprouted in the slowly decaying stump of an old growth cedar but the stump is disappearing. We’ve been building up a mound of composting material to provide future nutrition and support for the hemlock’s roots.

2011.10.08.tour17dThe ‘Overlook’ is the east end of the tour. Here the path looks over a deep gully which, only several hundred feet from its beginning (at 100th Street) is already 50 feet deep.
Our property line is actually halfway up the other side, although this view does not allow itself to be captured on film. You’ll have to see it for yourself.

2011.10.08.tour18The original Stone Circle site remains sacred.

Here you see it from the Northwest.

2011.10.08.tour18aThe stones were moved, but the ‘marble floor’ (many hundreds of colorful marbles which enchant all visitors) is still being gathered up when this photo was taken.

Plans for a new sacred site are now being developed by WoMN, a Lay Minister and also our Director of Real Estate. She has worked in the gardens more than anyone other than the Beyerls and has the strongest bond with them

The only true way to experience Hermit's Grove is to walk the paths and the separate gardens. Click on any photo in these pages to see it full size!

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