The Garden Tour - J - The Memorial Grove - The Stone Circle

Welcome to the Stone Circle

2011.10.08.tour15bThis is the new location for the Stone Circle, relocated in October, 2011 ce. A more protected, sheltered site was chosen as the original site is increasingly likely to have interference from urban development (sewer and electrical lines needed for the growing population).

2011.10.08.tour15cEven with the sun overhead, these photos all required flash. The canopy overhead of Douglas fir, cedar and bigleaf maple is very protective.

2011.10.08.tour15dThe entrance to the Stone Circle is at the right, past the ‘cone bin.’ We have so many cones dropping from the Douglas firs but we are not comfortable sending them off to county compost. The squirrels love this area and feast voraciously.

2011.10.08.tour16.0The entrance to the Stone Circle was prepared October 6th with the core samples laid after the space, itself, had more than a dozen sword ferns relocated and the soil leveled.

2011.10.08.tour16.1EastThe East Altar

The elemental altars were set in place the afternoon of October 6th.

The East altar is the central of three long, flat stones.

2011.10.08.tour16.2.SouthThe South Altar

The largest stone is the center of the South altar.

2011.10.08.tour16.3.WestThe West Altar

One of the delights many visitors find is ‘Mister Bill’

2011.10.08.tour16.4.North & mainThe North Altar

The North altar was quite a challenge. Both the base and the capstone are very heavy but ingenuity and hard labor won out.

In the foreground is the main altar, which is new (the stones were previously in the northern areas of the former location).

The only true way to experience Hermit's Grove is to walk the paths and the separate gardens. Click on any photo in these pages to see it full size!

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