The Garden Tour - G - From the Dancing Circle East

Meanwhile, back to the south paths…

2011.10.08.tour12cEmerging from the South Grape Arbor, the Dwarf Albert at the right, this path moves between the Dancing Circle Gardens to the left (mostly obscured by a lilac) and the Catkin Bed to the right (named for a large, Black Pussywillow, who provides the greenery just beyond the Dwarf Albert).

2011.10.08.tour12dIn the left is PJ’s Heart Bed, with a thick patch of Dianthus this side of a Japanese maple.The narrow bed along the fence is the east end of the Catkin Bed.
Just past PJ’s Heart Bed is the Willow Circle.

2011.10.08.tour12eJust past the Willow Circle is the Poppy Bed (which has another weeping willow just out of the frame to the right).
The young hawthornes are kept pruned and currently sport a punk-like appearance.
At the far left we see a little of the Lilac Crest Bed, the lilacs holding on to their leaves well into October this year.

2011.10.08.tour12fNow past the Willow Circle and then the Poppy Bed, in this photo we’re looking diagonally across the Hawthorne Island toward the Mound House.
The black containers are open composting containers.

2011.10.08.tour12gThe apple tree just southwest of the Mound House is at left, the bed along the fence is Willowstone East and, just past the South Mound Bed (with its apple tree) is the beginning of the Sumac Garden to the left of the path.

O.K., let’s head back up to the Dancing Circle

to pick up the tour group coming down the other paths.

The only true way to experience Hermit's Grove is to walk the paths and the separate gardens. Click on any photo in these pages to see it full size!

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