The Garden Tour - D - Along the south paths

2011.10.08.tour05Entering through the gate you face the Hollyhock Bed alongside the west of the Tool Shed. A juniper, once a small, potted Yule tree, stands at the corner.

The south Tool Shed Bed, a small bed immediately behind the tool shed and, in this photo, behind the spirea (cut back and somewhat shaggy-hedge-looking) has evening primrose.

2011.10.08.tour06At the left edge are juniper branches, then the Patio Grape Arbor.

To the right is one ofd the dozens of trash cans which serve as ‘water barrels.’ Clean water is collected in the kitchen rather than going down the drain, providing us with many hundreds of gallons of water for hand-watering in the summer or for domestic use in case of an emergency.
At the right is the Rose Hill Bed, so named because it’s a little higher and has rugosa roses which grow to seven feet high in the summer.
The black framework is pvc piping which holds deer netting

2011.10.08.tour12This is the view, still looking east, on the other side of the Patio Grape Arbor. At left are the Patio Garden and then the Upper Bush Garden (six blueberries have autumn colored leaves near the center left). Beyond the grapes, to the right, is the Plum Thicket Garden.
Where the path turns is a Dwarf Albert spruce.

2011.10.08.tour12aNearing the east end of the Plum Thicket Garden is a small, raised iris bed. Beyond that are the Dancing Circle Gardens.

Following the path around to the right, you’re near the south property line (just outside the deer netting).

Bright yellow ‘Prairie Sun’ rudbeckias are still blooming in the Birch Peninsula, a (very) narrow strip of garden. At left is the South Grape Arbor in the Dancing Circle’s south garden, with more concord grapes.
A second Dwarf Albert (both of which were also once potted Yule trees) was planted here by Rev. gerry in the early 1980s. Just before it is an entry to the grass area. The spruce is adjacent the property line at this end.



The only true way to experience Hermit's Grove is to walk the paths and the separate gardens. Click on any photo in these pages to see it full size!

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