2. Coursenotes & Comb-bound books

Our Coursenote Series
The Coursenote Series are duplicates of the actual course outlines, notes and references Beyerl uses in his classes and workshops. Many students attending in person purchase these to have complete notes. These are ideal for home-study and may be supplemented with questions asked in letters sent to the Lantern.
Published on full-sized paper. Hand-bound with a clear, front and sturdy back covers with plastic comb binding. Easy to store, easy to work with, attractive and practical. Books lie flat, easy to read, you can easily add notes or place the pages into a three-ring binder. We have received many compliments on this series. Prices of these books are subject to change as revised, expanded editions are published.
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Amulet Making CN
Amulet Making: How to construct an amulet, select ingredients (herbes & stones); includes a ritual to consecrate and empower an amulet. One of the most popular courses Paul has taught. Fun, rewarding, very magickal! 31 pages, 3,200 words.
CN-AM-10 $ 13.00


Anatomical Correspondences: Alphabetical list of nearly 150 anatomical entries; explanations and definitions of anatomical entries; astrological correspondences; extensive lists of herbes corresponded to anatomy, the treatment of diseases and afflictions. 60 pages, 15,100 words
CN-PROG-3      $ 16.00

Art of Healing, The CN

Art of Healing, The: Includes materials derived from Occult Science in Medicine and Plant and Planet; incorporated into the course Beyerl teaches in conjunction with Basic Herbalism; an in depth look at the philosophy of healing, provides a framework within which to develop a holistic and metaphysical approach; source materials include Paracelsus, Franz Hartmann, Anthony Huxley. If you use the Master Book, this comes next. 52 pages with 12,200 words.
CN-AH-1     $ 15.00


Astrological Prognosis CN Astrological Prognosis – Part I: Outline & extensive notes for course; Integration of astrology and herbal healing; includes bibliography of all source material; sources include Culpeper, Max Heindel, Dr. Franz Hartmann and his translations of Paracelsus.
Outstanding course provides solid foundation for further research through recommended texts. Holistic healing using natal charts and herbal remedies. Invaluable. 74 pages 15,400 words.  CN-PROG-1 $18.00

Astrological Prognosis – part II: Core knowledge for working with herbal correspondences for herbal remedies and mixtures to affect emotional and psychological being; basic information which can be applied to magickal and metaphysical work. Two parts, the planets and the signs of the zodiac. Describes the nature of the planet or sign, abbreviated correspondences (anatomical & disease), lists of herbes. An essential handbook for all serious practitioners. 51 pages, 4,100 words. CN-PROG-2   $ 15.00

Astrology & Relationships CN

Astrology & Relationships: Detailed outline & notes for in-depth course on the interpretation and interaction of two natal charts; information re: helping both parties improve their relationship; extensive notes providing guidelines on
interpretation of aspects between the two natal charts. Hard to locate information, extremely helpful for amateur and professional alike. 93 pages, 9,400 words
CN-AR-1    $ 19.00

Astrology- Basic Professional CN

Astrology: Basic Professional Astrology [4 vols] Includes all Coursenotes for twelve-week course. Integrated into this expanded Coursenote series is the complete text of Painless Astrology. Detailed information (includes astronomical data); planets, houses, signs of the zodiac, aspects, transits, delineation and more. Delineation includes nodes, aspects, transits, progressed charts and more.

Beyerl is well-known for this course and has taught many hundreds of students.
Excellent in conjunction with tapes.
CN-A-1     Vol I-Intro & Houses 49 pp 25,000 wds    $18.00
CN-A-2     Vol II-The Planets 55 pp – 13,850 wds      $18.00
CN-A-3     Vol III-The Zodiac 49 pp – 12,500 wds      $18.00
CN-A-4     Vol IV- & More [Delineation 64 pp 24,800 wds  $18.00
CN-A-8     Complete Course-all four books    $60.00

Colour Therapy CN copy

Colour Therapy: Remedial and magickal correspondences of colour; lore of colours; good information on the basic colours plus less common colours; can be used to enhance healing skills, to select colours for magickal use. 2000 edition. 43 pages, 17,000 words.
CN-C-1    $15.00






Crystal Ball Workshop: Detailed outline and notes for a three hour course in working with and preparing a crystal ball and other forms of crystal divining tools. 29 pages, 6,000 words
CN-CB-1   $ 13.00


Dream Magick: Introduction to working with dreams; Outline for conducting afternoon workshop and overnight dream quest; how dreams function, dream interpretation; herbes and stones to enhance dream magick. 35 pages, 4500 words
CN-DM-1   $ 13.00

Gardening CN

Gardening – The Magickal Approach:
Outlined, detailed notes on magickal gardening; traditional approaches; herbes which bring protection; when to plant and harvest; how to reap the best magick from your gardens; how to encourage Devas. Greatly expanded in 1997. 25 pages, 12,200 words
CN-AH-2 $ 13.00




Herbal Healing CN

Herbal Healing – A Basic course: Notes and outline for Beyerl’s basic six week course; the nature of herbes; botanical functions; working with herbes; extracting herbal constituents and the making of herbal preparations. 34 pages, 7,600 words
CN-AH-3   $13.00






Herbal Correspondences: The most comprehensive and up-to-date list of herbal correspondences with astrology available. Nearly one thousand herbal entries! Additions and corrections have been made since the publication of The Holy Books of the Devas. July, 1994 edition. Additions and corrections will be included in The Hermit’s Lantern. Part one is a listing by planet; part two is a listing by zodiacal sign; part three is a listing of over 900 herbes in alphabetical order. If you work with these correspondences, this book is essential. 63 pages, over 1200 correspondences
CN-PROG-4 $ 16.00


Home Blessings & Protection: Your home is your castle and your temple; Terrific notes on how to protect your home; how to choose herbes (wonderful lists included) for specific aspects of working with your home, from the electrical to the plumbing, from promoting happiness to providing protection against dark forces. 21 pages, 2,550 words
CN-HB-1 $ 11.00

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