3. Audio CDs of workshops by Beyerl

Audio Courses

These courses represent the best recordings from the archives of vinyl tapes, now moved to digital and available on CD. All were recorded live, and these bring you into the classroom to learn from one of the top educators.
Several of these were recorded using fairly primitive equipment during my final year in Los Angeles. During that time our North Hollywood apartment served as a classroom providing some of the most comprehensive classroom recordings. The quality is surprisingly good. These are ‘live’ and a bit imperfect but contain an astounding depth of information. When ordering individual CDs, specify by number which series or course you wish. Most CDs average 70-80 minutes in length which means that when a 90 minute class is rerecorded it may be in two CDs. This is true of Astrological Prognosis and Tarot: The 12 Week Journey.

Astrological Prognosis CD
Astrological Prognosis in Depth,

Not an easy course, butessential for serious students. Taught in 1994 before leaving L.A., this was first time course ever offered.
Introduces system of correspondences in first six and a half tapes; individual case histories, looking at natal chart examples, demonstrating how to interpret the
underlying causes of illness, how to use astrological information in creating an herbal remedy; how to determine crucial times (studying astrological transits) and create herbal preparations for your body and your spirit before they happen. Almost every class is on two CDs.
The anatomical portion of this series is taught by Rev. gerry.
Use change for growth – not illness. Re-recorded from original vinyl cassettes. This classic and historic series was taught to standing room only! This is the only comprehensive recording.
12 classes – $80 entire series $ 10.00 per class


Astrology, Professional Training in:Astrology CD
Full twelve week course offered by Beyerl since the late 1970’s. This course has never disappointed a student; provides training for many who have since become professional as well as beginners. Beyerl’s techniques and approach have been adopted by many professionals. Includes far more detail than Painless Astrology but complements text. Covers all basic components in a chart (houses, planets, zodiacal signs) and delineation (aspects, transits, etc.). Students paid $120.00 to enroll in this course and recommended it to friends. One of the best courses Beyerl has taught. Remastered for CD. This is the best!
12 CDs – $69.95 entire series
$7.00 per CD


Herbal Healing: Herbal Healing CD copyTen classes which cover a full spectrum of topics for the
beginning and intermediate herbalist. This series presents not just basic herbal processes, but is truly about the herbalist as healer as well.
Wonderful, comprehensive.
Almost every class is on two CDs.
12 classes – $80 entire series $ 10.00 per class


Dream Magick, Dream Magick CD copyTwo-CD series covering many aspects of working with dreams; improving sleep; dream interpretation; herbes which affect dreams; making dreams magickal; techniques have enhanced dream divination for many people since Paul first began teaching them in the 1970’s.
Historic recording saved from vinyl cassette.
both CDs $ 14.00


Numerology [for Tarot], a generalNumerology CD copy introduction to the philosophy of numbers (1-10) in reference to the type
of changes the pattern of each number represents in our lives. A 90 minute class in a long tarot series, this was possibly the best presentation of this material Beyerl had done and recorded.
two CDs     $ 11.95


Sexual Magick & Soul Mates; Sex Magick CD copytwo related topics covered in a historic 1992 workshop in Los Angeles. Fascinating, interesting material ranging from working with magick of sexuality to the realities of dealing with (or finding!) one’s soul mate. Rerecorded from vinyl cassette into digital format.
two CDs $ 14.95


Tarot: The 12 Week JourneyTarot CD copy, One of Rev. Paul’s most popular courses. What he has done with astrology and herbalism he also does with the tarot; takes you on a journey through every card, introducing an approach to the standard symbols which allows you to do readings and interpretations for others with confidence and certainty. This is purchased by the class as many of the individual twelve classes ran 90 minutes or more. Seventeen CDs in all.
$ 79.95 entire series $ 7.00 per class


The Arts of Healing: Astrological PrognosisThe Art of Healing CD, a 21 week series which presents Beyerl’s work in Astrological
Prognosis: a combination of planetary energy and herbs; how planetary energy affects the individual. Recorded in 2010 and 2011. Each CD is one session.
Emphasis on in-depth study of the planetary aspect of Prognosis. Warm and personal, this was a great early-morning series in the classroom. Make an herbal infusion and participate as you listen!
21 CDs – $119.95 entire series
$7.00 per CD

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