4. Other Books, Laws and More (educational materials)

Garden Tour cover CN copyThe Hermit’s Grove Gardens

A thirty page book containing nearly 80 color photos. A lush, glossy photo stock book. If following the “tour” in this web site is not enough – here’s the book!
Thirty pages of text and photos.
Personal visual tour of the gardens by Rev. Paul.
Photos taken October 8, 2011.
Over 4,000 words of text as Rev. Paul guides you through the gardens. Comb-bound 30 pages and a terrific companion when reading the Garden Journals each month in The Hermit’s Lantern.
GT $29.95

  Laws copyThe Laws of The Traditional Herbalist

Seven pages in a beautiful manuscript style
printed on parchment style, high-quality paper. Includes the 13 ethical ‘laws’ which first appeared in print in 1978, written by Beyerl as the foundation of his herbal priesthood and the herbal tradition he teaches through The Master Book of Herbalism.
Makes an outstanding gift for yourself of a friend.
P-LTH   $5.00

Remedial2013 IndexHermit’s Grove Remedial Index 2013 Edition

Now nearly 180 pages, provides a cross reference between herbs, afflictions, constituents, illnesses for the 199 herbs in our Pharmacopoeia. From ‘abdominal organs’ to zinc. Originally developed for Beyerl’s personal use. 43 thousand words long… One of the most convenient, valuable references you can obtain. 199 herbs are indexed. Comb-bound, durable cover. © 2013
RM-13   $29.95

  Phyto Book coverPhytochemicals and Herbal Constituents

Compiled and edited by Paul Beyerl, who created The Hermit’s Grove’s Master Herbalist Program, author of The Master Book of Herbalism, who has taught botanical medicine since 1976. This is a handbook which will aid you in learning about the chemical compounds which are our plant medicines. This is highly useful when you wish to gain an understanding of organic chemistry for the herbalist. The basic building blocks (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen) plus acids, alkaloids and more through saponins.

The constituent listing runs from Absinthin through Zingiberene. Follfow with the CD (included) which provides hot links to all important terms and references.
Includes comb-bound text with  CD of entire text with hot links.
Purchase direct from The Hermit’s Grove: $95.00 (individually printed and comb-bound) sales tax and shipping when applicable.

PC12    $95.00

Priority shipping $15.00

Study with us! There are many ways to study with Paul Beyerl and The Hermit’s Grove ranging from participating in classes at the Grove, at Seattle Central, arranging a course of correspondence study, to independent work utilizing the Grove’s many resources, including the Coursenotes, books and taped courses. Programs of correspondence study may be individually designed, accommodating a student’s needs and goals. For the serious herbal student, we offer a Master Herbalist certification program.
For further information please send $3.00 to cover mailing within the U.S. or $4.00 to mail the information outside the U.S.
We also provide a Master Astrologer certification program through individualized study for someone who has studied the complete astrology coursenotes, Painless Astrology, and the Professional Training in Astrology series of taped classes.

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