Study toward certification as Master Astrologer

Private, one-on-one tutoring and study by correspondence is available for those wishing to obtain Certification as Master Astrologers.

    I. Astrological courses of study includes:

Educational materials needed to begin working with Paul Beyerl as your mentor:

1) A copy of the text, Painless Astrology

2) Basic Professional Astrology
The expanded course for students includes the series of twelve cassette tapes and a 200 page printed  text book (loose leaf) which has significantly more material than the Coursenotes.
The cost for this material is $120.00,discounted for ordering it all at once. Shipping     costs will be additional. [It may be ordered in four parts @ $35.00 over four months.]

3) Professional Training in Astrology
Twelve week course on 12 CDs. $100.00 for all twelve or $12.00 if one at a time.

4) Astrology and Relationships
This material is the 93 page Coursenote book.

    II. Tutoring:
Depending upon the rate of progress desired by the candidate, personal tutorials are provided by telephone. The cost of tutoring is $30.00 (for a 30 minute time slot which usually runs longer at no additional cost) if scheduled one at a time. Students are encouraged to save money by paying in advance: $100.00 for four tutorials.
We will begin by discussing your natal chart, in depth. Some students may prefer to schedule a natal chart interpretation separately for a discounted fee of $50.00 for a one hour appointment.

III. Skills
A Master Astrologer is one who has the following skills:

  • Natal chart interpretations
  • Comfort in expressing astrological information in understandable language
  • Understanding how to handle a client’s personal problems in a professional manner
  • Chart comparison and relationship counseling
  • Synthesis and interpretation of individual or complex charts
  • Skills in working with transits and forecasting
  • Chart casting done manually with tables
  • Quality astrological software
  • The ability to educate others
  • Professional ethics and integrity

IV. Costs
The difficulty in establishing set costs is twofold: Each individual will progress at a     different rate. Some will need and want far more time in one-on-one discussion. Growth and progress are highly dependent upon how much individual work a student puts into chart interpretation for friends and family. Students may opt for a pay-as-you-go approach using the costs listed above or make individual arrangements.

V. Evaluation
Examination will include:

  • Evaluation of the student’s understanding of
  •         Painless Astrology
  •         Basic Professional Astrology
  •         Astrology and Relationships


  • A candidate has interpreted a minimum of 50 natal charts for the public, at least half of which must be paying clients. Evaluation will be based upon completed questionnaires sent directly to The Hermit’s Grove.
  • A candidate will have taught a course at least twice [minimum of six weeks]. Questionnaires are to be completed by the students [sent directly to The Hermit’s Grove] and a self-evaluation provided after each course is completed.
  • Candidate will undergo an in-person examination and evaluation at The Hermit’s Grove. This will involve demonstration of skills and knowledge.

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Optional additional work may include, if desired by the student:
Astrological Prognosis
Ritual Astrology

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Designed as a two-year study course at a pace of one unit of study per week. most students work at a slower pace averaging one unit per month. It is a flexible program yet one which offers a great depth and a comprehensive education. Detailed information and an application form is $5.00.

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