Personal Study and Tutoring

With nearly twenty years’ experiencing teaching students through correspondence, my approach is different than most other educational programs. What I offer the student includes a number of venues, allowing for differences in a student’s background, interests, study habits and finances. Let me give you a brief introduction:

Master Herbalist Certification training is available. Certification studies are very comprehensive and require dedication and serious study on the student’s part. A student committed to hard work can expect to be ready for the exams in one to two years. Upon completion, you will be certified by The Hermit’s Grove and by its founder, Rev. Paul V. Beyerl, Master Herbalist.

1) Coursenotes: Several years ago I took the teaching manuals I had created and typed them, verbatim, into the computer. They have not been written as prose but frequently are phrases and incomplete sentences. While they do not include the additional material I spontaneously add during a course, they include all of the substance. When teaching I often write in phrases and words which I feel should be integrated into the next edition.

2) Audio Courses: Most of the courses we offer were recorded live. We are making the transition from vinyl tape cassettes to digital CD and all of my important and essential courses are now on CD. Newer courses are recorded in stereo.

3) The Hermit’s Lantern: This monthly newsletter includes articles, new information and resources and offers us the opportunity to answer questions from students, people listening to taped courses or studying through the Coursenote series. The Lantern is given free to Hermit’s Grove Members. This is the most cost-effective and least demanding venue for study.

4) Private Tutoring: Students able to commute to the Grove typically meet with me once a week. Due to the demand for weekend openings, some tutoring must be conducted in a small seminar format. Private tutoring costs $70.00 per 60 minute session. Master Herbalist students pay $35.00.

5) Correspondence: Students unable to spend time at the Grove on a regular basis have access in other ways. Written correspondence can be managed in the same way as the tutoring schedule, the time based upon reading and studying your letter, then researching and writing the response. Skype may be an option.

6) Person-to-person: Appointments by telephone are available. My best hours are early in the morning. I am least available evenings as that is when most of my classes are scheduled and most commitments arise.

7) Visit the gardens: Corresponding students are encouraged to spend a week or at least a long weekend at the Grove if at all possible. We do not have facilities for housing. At best we can offer, at no charge, a tent site in the woods and use of the portable toilet. There is a Motel 6 nearby which has been used by the vast majority of visiting students. Please note – Students enrolled in the Master Herbalist program are required to spend some time here prior to certification. This could be accomplished by arranging to be here for several days prior to the final evaluation, which must be done in person.

8) Monographs: We now have available monographs on nearly 200 herbs which enables a student to have access to the detailed material and research which we keep on the herbs which are part of our working pharmacopoeia.

9) Academic Programs for noncredit are taught by Beyerl at Seattle Central Community College. These courses provide an excellent foundation for those seeking certification or simply to begin practicing herbal medicine.


Students studying by correspondence and/or working toward certification are invited to make individual arrangements which may include printed materials from the courses I teach at The Hermit’s Grove Catalog – 2013 edition 10 community colleges, monographs, and your questions answered by cassette tape. Some arrangements may include tapes of recorded courses offered in our catalog. I am open to suggestions and creative thinking. Please ask us any questions you have!


If you wish to apply for study in the Master Herbalist Program or more detailed information, send $5.00 for the packet of information which includes the most current description of the program (in detail), an application form, the current edition of The Hermit’s Lantern and a complete catalog. If you live outside North America, please send $6.50 in U.S. funds.

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Designed as a two-year study course at a pace of one unit of study per week. most students work at a slower pace averaging one unit per month. It is a flexible program yet one which offers a great depth and a comprehensive education. Detailed information and an application form is $5.00.

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