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Beyerl, Rev. Paul.16.2009 YellowstoneRev. Paul V. Beyerl
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Kirkland, wA 98083-0691

Author, Educator, Wiccan Priest, & Master Herbalist

A Book of Gem and Mineral Lore: Remedies, Magick and Folklore,
The Hermit’s Grove, © 2005
A Compendium of Herbal Magick, Phoenix Publishing Inc., © 1998
Andrius’ Colouring Book of Numbers: A Book on the Mythology of Numbers,
The Hermit’s Grove, © 2009
A Wiccan Bardo: Initiation and Self-Transformation,
Prism Press, England; Unity Press, Australia;  © 1989
A Wiccan Bardo Revisited: Initiation and Self-Transformation,
The Hermit’s Grove, © 1999
Painless Astrology: A Simple and Fun Guide to Natal Chart Interpretation,
The Hermit’s Grove, © 1997
The Hatchling, The Hermit’s Grove, © 2007
The Holy Books of the Devas: the secret mythologies of the herbal world
[4th edition] The Hermit’s Grove, © 1998
The Master Book of Herbalism, Phoenix Publishing Inc., © 1984
The Symbols and Magick of Tarot, The Hermit’s Grove, © 2005

founder:    The Rowan Tree Church, (legal recognition since 1980)
The Mystery School (teaching The Tradition of Lothloriën, established in 1981)
The Unicorn Newsletter (published continually since 1977)
The Hermit’s Grove, an educational division of The Rowan Tree Church
The Hermit’s Lantern (a monthly journal published since August 1994)
Master Herbalist Certification Program

          Well-known throughout the neo-pagan and Wiccan world, Beyerl’s columns and articles have appeared in many publications. A guest speaker at many of the early pagan gatherings, he has conducted seminars and workshops throughout the U.S. He appeared as a guest presenter at the Harvest Moon Celebration in Los Angeles annually from 1986 through 1994. Since 1993 his work has been focused in the Pacific Northwest where he works with The Rowan Tree Church and The Hermit’s Grove, work with the Wiccan offenders in several prisons and teaches both at The Hermit’s Grove and Seattle Central Community College.

          Beyerl first came into print as a young, emerging poet in New Dimensions: An Anthology of Modern Poetry, published by Idlewild Publishing Co. in 1967. Today he is best known for: The Master Book of Herbalism a well-known, having sold over 60,000 copies, considered an essential book by the metaphysically-oriented herbalists. Beyerl has been teaching workshops and courses in various aspects of healing since 1976. His work as a teacher within herbal medicine and spiritual disciplines led to the founding of The School of Healing in the early 1980’s in Minneapolis. The Master Book of Herbalism was the foundation for work which now includes A Compendium of Herbal Magick and an advanced program which leads to certification as a Master Herbalist.
The Rowan Tree Church includes a diverse, North-American membership. Lothloriën, a Wiccan Tradition, has been a landmark for many. A Wiccan Bardo, Revisited describes this Tradition and Beyerl’s view of ritual theology. A book speaking to the educated reader, it shows the integration of Eastern and Western metaphysical theology. The Church, government recognized, offers a number of services: Sunday Circle discussion groups; ritual schedules; a 3,000 volume library & a 30 year-old periodical library; annual Retreats held at The Hermit’s Grove (with every third year in Yellowstone National Park; The Unicorn, The Littlest Unicorn, and The Rowan Tree News. The Church, through The Mystery School provides intensive training for those who wish to pursue Ordination and training as teachers within The Tradition of Lothloriën. We have an average of 40-50 Members, many of whom live scattered throughout North America. Rev. Paul serves as the President of the Board of Directors. His other responsibilities include the legal work, bookkeeping, administrative work and janitorial tasks.
The Mystery School teaches our Wiccan Tradition but with a broad based metaphysical curriculum reflecting Beyerl’s experience. In many aspects it could be perceived as closer to the Tibetan concepts of training for the Priest/esshood than the Western Wiccan approach. It has a limited enrollment of students selected, literally, from throughout North America and Europe who share in a curriculum designed to work with the modern conventions of communication: post office boxes, computers, email and cassette recorders. The Mystery School appeals to those who have a long-term commitment to their Pathworking,  an interest in a variety of metaphysical and religious disciplines, and a belief that there is much to learn through exploring other religions and paths.
Beyerl continues to edit The Unicorn newsletter [believed to be the oldest Wiccan publication in North America]. Published eight times a year, The Unicorn is well-established in the neo-pagan market. Since its inception in 1977, The Unicorn has a reputation for arriving on time, never having missed an issue. Appealing to the educated reader, it seeks provocative articles, book reviews and poetry. The Unicorn is admired by its readers for the quality of its visual appearance and the skill of its contributors.
In 1999 Rev. Paul took over the management of the Rowan Tree’s Prisoner Outreach Program [POP]. Extending limited correspondence to prisoners through The Unicorn since the early 1980s, Beyerl guided The Rowan Tree Church into an accepting but educated approach to extending itself to prisoners. Over the years various methods were explored offering access to Church publications and, when adequate volunteers were available, correspondence and encouragement. Within two years the POP enrollment grew by 400%, offering a stamp barter for materials, requiring monthly progress reports and other options for prisoners wishing to study The Tradition of Lothloriën. In 2005 Rev. Paul began visiting the SOU prison at the Monroe Correctional Complex as a once a-month volunteer and visiting Stafford Creek Corrections Center as a contract Wiccan Chaplain. He continued this into 2009 ce, resigning due to a neurological leg condition making the drive hazardous to other drivers.

        In addition to recognition as an herbalist and astrologer, Beyerl is known for his presentations on aspects of ritual, death and dying, ethics, alchemy, initiation, meditation and visualization techniques, and for his performances of ritual which incorporate skills of theatre and music. Trained in classical music and the founder of The Unicorn Ensemble, a chamber quartet, of Minneapolis Beyerl is now retired from a ten year career as a professional flutist. He has written songs and chants combining musical experience with poetic skills, performing upon a mountain dulcimer. 1990 concerts and workshops included Los Angeles, Minnesota, Atlanta and New York State. 1991 included appearances in Cleveland and at the Brushwood Folklore Center. 1992 included a successful musical/speaking tour of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Wilmington, Delaware.
In the early 1980’s, Beyerl’s success as a teacher of herbalism, astrology and other metaphysical courses led to his founding The School of Healing in Minneapolis. The success of The Master Book of Herbalism and his skill as a teacher provided his students with access to a variety of metaphysical disciplines. Many of his former students have moved on to become reputable teachers. In 1989 Beyerl moved to Dallas as he began a circuitous journey which would return him to a northern climate. His work completed in Texas, he moved to Los Angeles in 1991 where he taught classes three days a week, in addition to his administrative work with The Rowan Tree Church and the completion of two new books. In 1994 the Beyerls returned to their roots, opening to a selected public their herbal gardens and a religious and educational center known as The Hermit’s Grove in Kirkland (a Seattle suburb), a project begun over twenty years ago by gerry on land known for its stone circle and gardens. Now living on Rose Hill, Beyerl teaches courses in herbal medicine, horticulture and other studies at two Community Colleges and is the administrator of a Master Herbalist Program. The Hermit’s Grove will continue to offer workshops and courses, serving students in the Seattle area and providing opportunities for the Beyerls’ students from great distances as well. The Hermit’s Lantern is the monthly publication, of The Hermit’s Grove.

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A partial List of Guest Appearances since 1990:
Sacred Space Conference, Laurel, Maryland – 2013
The Gryphon’s Nest, Springfield, Louisiana – 2013
The Gryphon’s Nest, Springfield, Louisiana – 2012
Herbs and the Magick of Living
Dancing with the Devas

Fairy & Human Relations Congress. Skalitude Retreat Center, Washington – 2001-2002
Herb Devas and the herbal spirit world
Cascadian Leadership Conference, Seattle, Washington – October, 1995
Death and Dying
Crossroads Learning Center, Seattle, Washington – March, 1993
An evening of music and anecdotes.
Astrology and Ritual (all day workshop)
Herbes and the Magick of Living (all day workshop)
Hand of Aries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – January, 1992
Magickal Herbalism and The Deva Ritual (all day workshop)
Between Books, Clayton, Delaware – January, 1992
Religion for the New Age
The Turning Wheel, Pasadena, Maryland – January, 1992
Musick and Magick
A Day of Magick (ritual theatre, magickal herbalism, astrology and ass’t topics)
Harvest Moon Celebration, Los Angeles, California – September, 1991
Wicca: Where Do We Go From here?
Going to Meet the Crone: Death and Dying
Brushwood Folklore Center, New York – September, 1991
Ritual Theatre plus performance of The Deva Ritual
Harvest Moon Celebration, Los Angeles, California – October, 1990
The Joy of Music in Ritual
Exploring Initiation
The Magi, Buffalo, New York – September, 1990
The Art of Healing (all day workshop)
The Deva Ritual day workshop)

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