3 Special Blends: incense

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Each of these formulas was created by myself, personally, based upon my research into the religious and magickal uses of herbs and botanicals. I offer you incense formulas, each a loose mixture of ground resins and botanicals designed to burn upon a round charcoal disk.

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These formulas were created in 1996 with specific proportions and ingredients, formulas which will endure.Each incense formula has a long invocation, typically a Sonnet I have written in iambic pentameter which is chanted during the ritual preparation and blending of the ingredients. I only mix them at specific times. The formulas, the invocations, the rituals and the timing are, as you might expect, kept secret within my personal herbal grimoire.

Each blue cobalt glass jar holds two ounces of incense. It takes but quarter teaspoon for a rich-scented smoke which will bring you the specific blessings of that formula.


Consecrating and Blessing Incense – Burn on charcoal to bring sacred energy to situations, people or special objects. You might use this incense when working the ritual transformation of a purchased item into a sacred ritual tools. This incense is also outstanding for preparing a room or even people for a special event. It has been used as a couple is preparing themselves prior to the Handfasting Ritual. It has been used to prepare a classroom or a temple, or even a home prior to a holiday gathering.This is a blend of incense which purifies and consecrates.    SB1. $10.00 per jar 

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Astral Incense Use in meditation, astral travel, journeying. Within the inner Circles of our Wiccan Tradition (within the Mystery School) this has become the incense blend of choice when we are collectively working in the astral.   SB8. $10.00 per jar


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Magickal Incense Burn on charcoal to bring magick to any ritual or situation. Sometimes we simply wish to empower a situation. Sometimes we want to bring joy, to add spiritual light to an otherwise dreary day. Sometimes we wish to recapture the delight and wonder to be found in any day. Sometimes we need strength. Sometimes we need to remember. This is the incense blend for these times.    SB15. $10.00 per jar


Charcoal?     Don’t forget a roll of self-lighting charcoal.  Does it really light itself? It does need your help but then it will go on its own.     CC10. $2.70


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