2 Special Blends: herbal mixtures

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About eighteen years ago I was asked to create a series of special, magickal blends of herbes for a charming little store in Renton, Washington where I taught weekly courses for a year or two. With decades of study, research and experience in the magickal properties of herbes, I crafted formulas.

After the store closed a year or two later, the special blends were added to our print catalog where they have brought Magick and delight, spiritual wellness and joy to many over the years.

S B Herb.02I mix the blends only at certain times. I was fortunate in beginning the study of astrology shortly after my herbal career began and have nearly 40 years’ professional experience in each. Organically-grown herbes are used, blended by hand. You’ll even find my fingerprints here and there, caught when I adhere the tape over the label.

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These blends are clearly hand-made, ritually, with beautiful songs and sonnets which I create for the herbal magick.

When I wrote The Master Book of Herbalism, way back in the dark ages of the early 1980s, I compiled a fun section referencing the magickal properties of herbs. Fourteen years after the publication of The Master Book in 1984, A Compendium of Herbal Magick came into print.

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By this time I had shifted my work so that everything had historical accuracy and academic documentation, or was in Mrs.Grieve or earlier. I’ve had the fortune of locating numerous hard-to-find and rare books, many sent from Africa, India, and other parts of the world. When the Compendium was published I had detail on 330 herbs but today, I have information on the ritual and magickal uses of 1600 species and this work will be continued long after I am compost.

Try These:

Mixed by hand from my personal formulas! [You’re likely to see my fingerprints on the tape placed over the label.]

Each container is a 9 oz cobalt blue glass jar holding 1 ½ ounces by weight of one of the following blends. $10.00 each

  • SB2. Consecration & Blessings Make an infusion; use as wash, aspurging, in bath, or as tea.
  • SB3. Pet Blessing & Protection Make a tea for your pet’s water or use when bathing.
  • SB4. Cleansing Tonic Make a tea to cleanse negative energy from one’s self and environment.
  • SB5. Dream Magick For filling dream pillows (2 squares of purple velvet – not included); may use as incense.
  • SB6. Positive Outlook Tonic Tea changes your outlook on life.
  • SB7. Resource Tonic Helps increase one’s income &/or resources
  • SB9. Astral Work Tonic Tea A formula to use in meditation, astral travel, journeying. This formula is extensively within the advanced workings of The Mystery School.
  • SB10. Relationship Magick Make into elixir with wine, a tea with water, or put infusion into your bath to kindle the spark!
  • SB11. Good Health Tonic Take as a daily tea. We can all use good health!
  • SB12. Daily Joy Drink daily as a tonic. This will help you better find what is joyful in life around you.
  • SB13. Love A mixture for bathing. Will enhance your ability to love others, to be loved, and to attract love.
  • SB14. Magickal Tea Our most popular blend – drink as a daily tonic. Beautiful to the eye, delicious to the palate and oh, does it smell heavenly!
  • SB16. Magickal Ritual Water Make an infusion for aspurging your Circle; for washing ritual and sacred objects. Great for home blessings, for blessing projects.
  • SB17. Protection Use to wash items, clean your home; sprinkle it around your property; brings protection… Even good in the bath!

Herbal formulas not for internal consumption may include: anise seed, basil, calendula, catnip, cedar, chickweed, cinquefoil, cornflowers, elder, fennel, flax, hops, hyssop, lady’s mantle, lavender, lovage, marjoram, mugwort, patchouli, pennyroyal, peppermint, periwinkle, podophyllum, red clover, rosemary, solomon’s seal, tarragon, vervain, wormwood, yarrow
Herbal formulas which may be consumed may include: agrimony, alder bark, alfalfa, angelica, anise seed, basil, birch bark, blackberry leaf, borage, calendula, caraway, centaury, chamomile, chicory, cinquefoil, cloves, comfrey, coriander, cornflower, cumin, damiana, dill, dogwood, elder flowers, eyebright, ginger, horehound, hyssop, kava kava, lady’s mantle, lavender, lemon balm, lemon peel, marjoram, motherwort, mullein, myrtle, nettles, orange blossom, orange peel, passion flower, pau d’arco, peony flower, peppermint, red clover, rose, rosemary, rue, sage, Saint John’s wort, Solomon’s seal, thyme, vervain, violet leaves, wormwood, yarrow




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