4 Postcards: Herbals, Perennials, and Garden Views

Blueberry leaves copyI great up loving postcards. I still do and, for the past 30 years, I’ve saved every one I’ve received.    [above – the blueberry leaves in autumn – from the Garden Set]

What a great way to stay in touch. Postage is cheap.

Who doesn’t love getting a postcard in the mail. It takes so little to remind someone that they’re thought of.Arnica Montana copy

I grew up with a camera. I had my first camera at age ten or eleven and, with a garden full of willing subjects (flowers love to be photographed) this is a great combination. [above – arnica – from the Herbal Set]

Gravenstein apple copy[apple blossoms – from the Garden Set]



The Medicinal Set
Six of the medicinal plants which grow in our gardens…
Arnica montana, Atropa belladonna, Gallium odorata, Hepatica acutiloba, Mandragora autumnalis and Sanguinaria canadensis…

Black Hellebore copy

[hellebore – from the perennial set]

The Perennial Set
One of the aspects of our gardens which promote beauty are plants which are stunning in their beauty, and plants which are comforting, reminding us of family. We have iris and bleeding hearts and there’s a Kerria pleniflora, an Eroica saxifrage and a hellebore.

Only $3.00 for a set of six (one of each) … Add 27 cents sales tax if you live in WA… and $1.50 s/h for postal mailing.

Path past DC copyThe Garden Set
Six stunning postcards, from a spider web with morning mist, cherry blossoms, apple blossoms in the spring… The Path to the Dancing Circle with the torches lit for a Handfasting… How about the bright red ranunculus in front of what we call the ‘marble wall’ or the blueberry bushes wearing their autumn color?

The only true way to experience Hermit's Grove is to walk the paths and the separate gardens. Click on any photo in these pages to see it full size!

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