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About Our Herbs

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Contrary to what some hope, our gardens are far too small to produce the herbs which we sell. Some years we are able to harvest and prepare a pound or two of rosemary or vervain or rue or a number of other herbs but generally, what we offer are herbs obtained through several brokers and distributors with whom we have well-established relationships.

We have dried botanical for mail order sale, for on-site sale, and you might also visit the gardens where many of the same species (when appropriate for this climate) are found as living beings in our gardens.

The comminution of our herbs is outstanding. This means that those which are prepared as “cut” can readily be infused with water or tinctured with alcohol without further chopping, cutting or preparation. Those which are available as powdered are in that form because the majority of those purchasing prefer them ground rather than ‘cut.’

If you prefer a specific herb comminuted in a form (ground, cut, whole) which we do not carry, for a majority of species we would be able to special order it that way for you but it requires a special order for either 8 or 16 oz.

When possible we purchase bulk herbs grown in the U.S. which are certified organic. We also purchase quality herbs grown commercially in Europe, where natural growing tends to be the norm but these herbs cannot be certified as organic due to the inconsistencies of international regulations regarding the very definition of ‘organic.’ There are times when a shipment is delayed. One year the herb being imported did not look the best and the entire shipment was available only as a powder, more suitable for compounds and commercial use in tablets and capsules. We had to wait for six months but fortunately were able to meet our orders with a supply from our gardens.
Some herbs are grown tropically and brought into the market through international distributors. At times this means availability is subject to the world market. The severe drought in the southwestern Pacific countries meant a global shortage of patchouli. The fires in Australia led to a shortage of sandalwood. There are times when solid dragon’s blood cannot be found.
In addition to working hard to bring you the best quality, I also regularly go through our stock and all old product is sent to the compost bins. It is difficult to simply throw it out but herbs should not be sold to you when they are old, just as what you keep on hand should not be allowed to become too old before it is used.
Sometimes the prices go up because we have found yet another herb which we can now provide in an even better quality. Sometimes prices go up unexpectedly. No matter what our suppliers have in their catalog, we never know what our cost is until an order arrives. It is for this reason that we sell the best quality we can find at prices which are as low as possible (there are no wages paid and we are truly non-profit) but which are subject to change without notice.
Thank you for placing your order with us.

  • Protect the herbs you purchase.
  • Do not store your herbs in these plastic bags.
  • Used sealed glass jars, stored away from light.

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