8 MHP - Unit Seventy-Seven (sample)

unit seventy-seven

A.    printed materials:
The Art of Healing: Priest & Priest (cont’d); Doctrine of Signatures; Astro-Diagnosis pp. 5-10
The Nervous System 5-9
Basic Astrology 73-77
supplemental reading list index
monograph of valerian
paper on new research
monograph of sage
paper on new research
affliction: depression and bipolar depression
Houghton, Peter J.Activity and Constituents of Sage Relevant to the Potential Treatment of Symptoms of         Alheimer’s Disease
Beyerl, Rev. Paul Smudging: A Sage By Any Name
Oliff, Heather: Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Major Depressive Disorder
Barton, Debra (et al) The Use of Valerian in Improving Sleep inPatients Who Are Undergoing
Treatment for Cancer
Hallam. Karen (et al) Comparative cognitive and psychomotor effects … Valeriana … and triazolam
Oxman, Andrew (et al) A Televised, … Trial of … Valerian for Insomnia

B. exercises and assignments
1 Acquire one ounce or more of the above herb(s). Make an infusion and become familiar with the flavor. Attempt to identify constituents by flavor. Write a paragraph or two about your learning and experience with these herbs and submit a copy.
2. Study all materials with an eye toward your eventual exams. Ask any questions you may have. In studying by correspondence it must be your responsibility to ascertain whether or not you understand the materials being sent to you.
3. Read through the Pengelly book. It need not be a word-for-word reading but give it more thought than just scanning it. Write a series of three-to-five articles on herbal constituents. Your target audience will be home herbalists who do not have any knowledge of organic chemistry and who find it highly intimidating. Your goal is to present simple material to demystify the topic. It is not necessary to write for practitioners, just the average reader. Use as long as three units of time.
4. Make a variety of herbal medicines in this and the following units: filled capsules for several afflictions, a tincture for this and that, etc. Use this as an opportunity to expand your skills. Challenge yourself.
5. Look through the Bloomfield book, Healing Anxiety With Herbs and the Davidson and Connor book, Herbs for the Mind. Write up something casual about their relevance to your work as a Master Herbalist. Have this completed at any time prior to completing Unit 100.
6. Imperative: Compare the supplemental reading list to the materials you have through Unit 77. If you are missing materials, make arrangements to obtain them. We recommend obtaining an Educational subscription to The Hermit’s Lantern which will have you sent all new materials and all revised materials at no additional cost.

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