7 MHP - Unit Fifty-One (sample)

unit fifty-one

A.    printed materials:
Eyes, Ears & Skin: cover + pp. 1-6 (of 56 pages)
Herbal Action Profiles (part one)
current edition of the Pharmacopoeia Checklist
monograph of thuja
paper on new research
monograph of lemon grass
paper on new research
Marlina Borkwood – What’s In A Name?
Mark Blumenthal and Loren Israelsoen – The History of Herbs: Legal and Regulatory Perspectives
ABC – AER Bill [member advisory]

B.    exercises and assignments:
1 Acquire one ounce or more of the above herb(s). Make an infusion and become familiar with the flavor. Attempt to identify constituents by flavor. Write a paragraph or two about your learning and experience with these herbs and submit a copy.
2. Study all materials with an eye toward your eventual exams. Ask any questions you may have. In studying by correspondence it must be your responsibility to ascertain whether or not you understand the materials being sent to you.
3. Begin a project which lasts for three units, through unit 53. Write a paper addressing herbal therapy as supportive treatment for three types of cancer. The types of cancer are of your choosing.
4. Using your copy of The Anatomy Coloring Book, read the text “cardiovascular system” [pages 47-48 – 1st edition; pages 62-64 – 2nd edition; page 101-103 – 3rd edition] ; this time you do NOT need to complete the coloring exercises for those pages.

As you move through your studies, keep in mind the research study which you will be responsible for in the Fourth Quarter. You may find the seeds of that study in the work you are doing now.
– Debbie Teasdle

C.    reading and research:
During the third quarter you will be asked to access copies of some of the following books. The subject matter this quarter addresses ethnobotanical texts and serious texts on the herbal medicinal work being done in other countries.
Your best sources for these books would be through inter-library loan. They can be purchased through the American Botanical Council but are not inexpensive, due to the cost of publishing such materials.
These books are part of the Miranda Collection of our research library which is the property of The Rowan Tree Church. They may not be checked out but students may use them on-site.

Buhner, Stephen Harrod, Sacred Plant Medicine, Roberts Rinehart Publishers, © 1996
Duke, James Alan & Rodolfo Vasquez, Amazonian Ethnobotanical Dictionary, CRC Press, © 1994
Foster, Steven and Yue Chongxi, Herbal Emissaries: Bringing Chinese Herbs To The West, Healing Arts Press, © 1992
Huang, Kee Chang, The Pharmacology of Chinese Herbs, second edition, CRC Press, © 1999
Jain, S. K. and Robert A. DeFilipps, Medicinal Plants of India [volumes 1 & 2], Reference Publications, Inc., © 1991
Moerman, Daniel E., Native American Ethnobotany, Timber Press, © 1998
Rister, Robert, Japanese Herbal Medicine: The Healing Art of Kampo, Avery Publishing Group, © 1999
Schultes, Richard Evans & Robert F. Raffauf, The Healing Forest: Medicinal and Toxic Plants of the Northwest Amazonia, Dioscorides Press, © 1990
Vogel, Virgil J., American Indian Medicine, University of Oklahoma Press, © 1970

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