6 MHP - Unit Thirty-One (sample)

unit thirty-one

A.    printed materials:
Chemistry of Herbs: f. Oils & Resins
De Anda – Oils and Resins
Cline – A Treatise on the Nature of Oils and Resins
The Urinary System, pp. 25 – 30 (of 30 page course)
affliction: Crohn’s disease
monograph of Saw Palmetto
paper on new research
monograph of Mugwort
Kidd: Herbs for Horses
Kidd: Natural Antibiotics for Pets
Wetton: Determining Volatile Oils
Beyerl: Oils: Volatile & Essential
Beatty: Eugenol
Arturo: Oils

B.    exercises and assignments:
1. Acquire one ounce or more of the above herb(s). Make an infusion and become familiar with the flavor. Attempt to identify constituents by flavor. Write a paragraph or two about your learning and experience with these herbs and submit a copy.
2. Study all materials with an eye toward your eventual exams. Ask any questions you may have. In studying by correspondence it must be your responsibility to ascertain whether or not you understand the materials being sent to you.
3. For The Chemistry of Herbs: Constituents course, write a paper (1500-2000 words) on the nature of oils and resins. Write this for the layperson. Use at least two sources not already included in the course. [The internet is acceptable as one source if you download material from at least two sites.]
4. Create herbal formulas for the above affliction. Do research and create for two infusion formulas, one decoction formula, one capsule formula and one tincture formula. Submit a copy.
5. Using your copy of The Anatomy Coloring Book, read the text “uterus, uterine tubes, & vagina” [page 98 – 1st edition; page 118 – 2nd edition; page 162 – 3rd edition] and complete the coloring exercises for that page.

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