5 MHP - Unit Eighteen (sample)

Unit Eighteen

A.    printed materials:
Reproductive System: Sexually Transmitted Diseases – AIDS & HIV
Digestive System Remedial Work: pages 22-27 of 56 page course
monograph of Raspberry
monograph of Blue Cohosh
affliction: common headache
Swerdlow, Joel: Nature’s Medicine, five page excerpt from extensive history article
Patrick: Homemade Herbal Creams
Oppel – Neem Shows Potential of Bark Aqueous Extract for Preventing and Healing Gastric Ulcers

B.    exercises and assignments:
1.     Acquire one ounce or more of each of the above two herbs. Make an infusion and become familiar with the flavor. Attempt to identify the constituents by flavor. Write a paragraph or two about your learning and experience with these herbs.
2.    Study all materials with an eye toward your eventual exams. Ask any questions you may have. In studying by correspondence it must be your responsibility to ascertain whether or not you understand the materials being sent to you.
3.    Make at least two new and original mixtures which are creams, balms or ointments each using a different base formula than you have used before in earlier units. Describe the processes and purposes in detail. Send a small container of each for evaluation. Write an evaluation of how you have improved your procedures since your first attempt in Unit Six. No more than one preparation may be made using only essential oils.

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