4 MHP - Unit Eleven (sample)

Unit Eleven

A.    printed materials:
Reproductive System: Conception and Pregnancy pages – pages 36-42 of 105 page course
Remedial Index to the 200 herbal monographs: pages 51-60 of 117 pages
Herbal Horticulture: pages 23-32 of 58 page course
monograph of Papaya Leaf
monograph of Mandrake
affliction: stroke – 8 page article
Azmeh-Scanlan Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy (supplemental reading)

B.    exercises and assignments:
1.     Acquire one ounce or more of papaya. Make an infusion and become familiar with the flavor. Attempt to identify the constituents by flavor. Write a paragraph or two about your learning and experience with this herb. Mandrake is grown at The Hermit’s Grove but is not available as a dried plant. Unless you have access to the plant you are not expected to be able to study it directly until you visit the Grove.
2.    Study all materials with an eye toward your eventual exams. Ask any questions you may have. In studying by correspondence it must be your responsibility to ascertain whether or not you understand the materials being sent to you.
3.    For the Extraction Methods course: write a paper (1000-1500 words) describing the processes of using herbs in baths as a means of promoting health and healing. Discuss methods and provide a recipe(s) if recommending bath salts (etc.).
4.    In the form of a letter, write to a fictional parent making recommendations for a lifestyle (including diet, herbal use) which would decrease the tendency toward stroke.

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