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The process of becoming a Master Herbalist is about more than completing the written work and the reading of all the material you will receive. The process is about learning to become an Herbalist, to see one’s self as someone who is knowledgeable and one who shares that knowledge with others.
Merriam-Webster’s 11th edition Collegiate Dictionary defines herbalist as “a person who practices healing by the use of herbs” and “a person who collects or grows herbs.”
The same dictionary defines master (as an adjective) as being “skilled, proficient.” As a noun, a master is “a worker or artisan qualified to teach apprentices.” A master is “an artist, performer, or player of consummate skill.” A master is “one having control.”
Aconitum napellus.3
A Master Herbalist is wise in the ways of plants.
She understands the relationship between our species and those species of the chlorophyll-bearing world.
She is not above the plant world but has become part of that world, a friend of the herbal kingdom.

As a Healer, a Master Herbalist is one who seeks to make whole and to educate those with need in the ways of bettering their lives and learning to embrace the responsibility which accompany the gift of being incarnate.

She has an humble spirit yet radiates wisdom. The word humble has the same origin as the word humus. A Master Herbalist is truly ‘of the earth.’
She is a person with strength of character, whose very being represents wellness yet she is gentle and compassionate.
A Master Herbalist lives within the Laws of the Traditional Herbalist and sees herself as part of the continuum of this tradition.

A Master Herbalist is confident in his knowledge and skill, yet humble. He lets his knowledge speak for him and promotes wisdom and learning rather than being a tool of his ego.
A Master Herbalist will always hunger for more knowledge.
Angelica archangelicum
One of the books which explores the views of Paracelsus (translation and commentary by Hartmann) puts forth concepts which also apply here, which I paraphrase:

  • A Master Herbalist knows the constitution of the human being, not only that of the physical body, but the whole physical, astral and mental constitution.
  • As a teacher, a Master Herbalist knows that the way to wisdom can only be taught by wisdom itself.
  • A Master Herbalist possesses the full requirements of the art.
  • A Master Herbalist, by living her beliefs, inspires the patient with confidence.


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